Parish Catechesis

Due to low registration the Tuesday Evening sessions are cancelled.

The video posts below, which are excerpts from the new Directory for Catechesis published in 2020, are designed to introduce us to the content held within the pages of the new directory. It is our hope that by introducing this to our parish we all grow in understanding of not only the content in the directory but also the way in which we are being given to further evangelize through catechesis.

Copyright Permission Excerpts from the Directory for Catechesis © Copyright 2020- Libreria Editrice Vaticana – 00120 Città del Vaticano; © Concacan Inc., 2020 for the English translation in Canada. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. Visit

The text not only represents the journey accomplished starting from the renewal of the Second Vatican Council, it distills the contributions of numerous bishops from around the world gathered at the Synod of 1977. Th use the words of that document, catechesis “has twofold objectives of maturing the initial faith and of educating the true disciple of Christ by means of a deeper and more systematic knowledge of the person and the message of our Lord Jesus Christ. … to develop, with God’s help and as yet initial faith, and to advance in fullness and to nourish day by day the Christian life of the faithful, young and old.” pg1 Directory for Catechesis

Task of Catechesis

A quick introduction to Why catechesis is important.